●Senior Market Support

一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートsupports more than one million people in our partners and organizations. We believe that we can work with nursing care providers to create a better society for seniors.

【Main Business 】

The total population has already turned into a declining trend at its peak around 2010. However, senior(65Age or older)the number of seniors at its peak in 2042 is expected to reach about 39 million.


一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートin an accelerating ultra-aging society, we provide a variety of support so that seniors can lead a happy 100-year-old life.

Personnel吉岡 政彦

1947year(Born in Showa 22, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture(Tango)He worked as a volunteer after a year as a branch manager at a major life insurance company, "Tango Bali Bari-no-Support Corps" and "The King of The Bali Bali Health Kingdom". Currently, he is in charge of the entire planning as the Secretary-General of Happy 100 Support. All the answers are in circulation.

●Product certification support

一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートwe want to put out good products that contribute to society. For this reason, we have our own product certification. Certified merchandise is一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートwe will support your promotion, advertising, and sales promotion, mainly in the market you have.

Meet the appropriate price

<審査料> free
<認定証発行>20,000 YEN

During his tenure, he contributed to the company's business performance by launching various ideas, such as planning a popular TV program "Legal Consultation Office where Queues Can Be Made".
After retiring, he trained more than 1,270 companies as an employee training instructor.
He is still active not only in Japan but also overseas.

●Lifelong support

Dissemination of the White Paper
The Spread of "Senior College" and "Teramori"
Spread of certified lecturers in the "Will White Paper"

Through life, we will support a 100-year-old life without regret.
【Main Business 】

With the accelerated super-aging society, there is a growing interest in "end-of-life". If you prepare in advance with a goal in mind, you will have a life without regrets. It is also an opportunity to look back on the direction of life in the future by re-thinking about "health", "family relationship", "worth living", and "hobby" from there again by calculating the life of 100 years old.

How should I prepare to live with a smile until the end? We will support you in an easy-to-understand manner through courses, lectures, seminars, anshin future sheet "Will white paper", "own magazine", etc. By adding the end-of-life concern of seniors to the new menu service, we can contribute to increased customer satisfaction and mobilization of new customers.

●Support for problems

Along with the rapid changes in society, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, the rise in the unmarried rate, and the economic downturn, various problems have emerged regarding funerals and graves. About such a problem一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートsupport operators together with our partner companies, which are expanding support for funerals and graves nationwide.

【 Business Details 】

Our mission is to support businesses that are working day and night to live a happy 100-year-old life.
We believe that the success of business operators will lead to the happiness of the elderly.

●Sutra support


●Human resource support

Many nursing homes are understaffed. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that about 790,000 nursing care workers are expected to be short-term workers by 2035. In this situation, the Japanese government is trying to make efforts to "utilize foreign human resources."
一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートIn cooperation with cooperative organizations, we plan to support nursing care personnel by foreigners.


●Human Resources Network

一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートwe are building a network of experts who can be a big force in avoiding various possible risks and expanding our business. Our management consultants support the optimal business collaboration for management strategically. It can help you expand your business opportunities.

【Main Business 】

Our company provides consulting specialized in management support for nursing care providers.

●Disaster prevention and crime prevention support

Japan is a country with many natural disasters. It is not possible to prevent natural disasters beforehand, but it is possible to reduce the damage. By approaching from the perspective of disaster prevention, we believe that it is possible to continue our business with the aim of maintaining corporate activities or recovering them as soon as possible in the event of a disaster.一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートWe would like to provide a variety of advice and support from disaster prevention specialists.

In this figure, the "safety of life", "prevention of secondary disasters" and "coexistence with the local community" are each required together with "business continuity", while expressing that the circle of "safety of life" is larger and the basis of all efforts is greatly expressed. (Cabinet Office Disaster Prevention Information Page)

It is said that Japan is a safe country. The World Peace Index released by institute for Economics and Peace in 2018 is the ninth.
However, the declining birthrate and aging population, population decline, and increased inbound conditions are expected to worsen public safety. Therefore, crime prevention becomes important.一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートWe would like to provide a variety of advice and support from disaster prevention specialists.

【Main Business 】

●Health promotion support

We provide health promotion tools to business operators.
We support the creation of a system to make exercise a habit.

【Main Business 】

In everyday lifeInduction of health promotionto build a mechanism to I used my free time in my daily life and work effectively.We propose health promotion.。 You can do your health without difficulty and do it naturally.The Joy of Health Promotionthis is a program that allows you to experience exercise program is sleepingExercise to awaken muscles and nervesWe provide.
sleeping muscles, nerves start to moveNew Body SensationExperience.
Your ownThe possibilities of the bodyactively for health promotion.

●Beauty, Health and Food

Spread of primary prevention
I advise you to review your lifestyle before you get sick and support your 100-year-old life!

【Main Business 】
The average life expectancy in Japan is always at the top, especially for women in the world. However, there are a lot of patients of bedridden and the sickness, too and it cannot be said that the healthy life span is long at all.
Therefore, we have you review the most important "water" which is indispensable for life support, and make a high-quality water including 22 kinds of minerals easily cheap at home, and make a proposal useful for the health of the customer such as constitution improvement, detoxification, diet, etc.

●Mental health support

Singing and theater can not only communicate, but also improve human skills such as expression, concentration, and cooperation, and can learn a rich mind.
Rakugo relaxes the tense mind from the laughter of comic artists and creates room in the mind.
Reading and reading sessions learn the fun and fun of being in contact with books and nurture a rich mind.
【Main Business 】



一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートwe will make a variety of projects that reach the hearts of business operators.

●Purpose-to-live learning support

As human beings get older, society expects less.
As a result, mental stimulation disappears, and both mind and body decline.
However, by finding a sense of motivation and worth living, and contributing to social activities, you will be able to enhance your life and live your life.
一般社団法人ハッピー100サポートwe plan and manage senior schools and events that "feel worth living".

Examples of school events
*In addition to the above schools and events, we also plan a variety of projects.


It is also possible to produce schools and events according to the needs of registered business operators, so please feel free to contact us.