Senior Market Support

We support strengthening marketing strategies, referral tactics, customer satisfaction, product strategy and services.

Product Certification Support

(一社)ハッピー100サポートadvertised and advertised to cooperating companies and organizations to help promote sales.

End support

Through life, we will support a 100-year-old life without regret. Why don't you reverse your life and look back on the direction of your life?

Support for each problem

We will support each inconvenience related to funerals and graves, which are increasing year by year.
We can also utilize a nationwide network of cooperating companies.

Thank you for your support

For the memorial service, we digitally support the sutra by the recitation of a high priest to the needs of the elderly who want to give the sutra every day.

Human Resources Support

We will support human resources with the cooperation of cooperative organizations for nursing care providers who are suffering from a chronic shortage of human resources.

Human Resources Network

We introduce teachers, experts, consultants, and academic scholastic experts for management support.
We also provide grant support.

Disaster prevention and crime prevention support

We will help you prepare for disaster prevention, as well as security prevention caused by a lack of communication due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the declining population.

Health Promotion Support

We support health promotion by making use of the know-how learned through the support of top athletes.
Sleeping muscles evoke nerves.

Beauty, Ken, Food

We support the elderly who want to live young forever.
In order to stay young, it is important to balance beauty, health and food.

Mental Health Support

Learn a rich heart from singing and theater. You will learn the leeway of the heart from rakugo and manzai.
You will learn various mental upbringing from reading and reading sessions.

Life worthlearning support

We will hold senior schools and events where you can enjoy learning.
We will help you find the purpose of living for the elderly.

●Event information

With registered business operators and sponsoring companies and organizationsハッピー100サポートin the spirit of mutual assistance.
We will realize various events.

●E-mail magazine

Live a happy 100 years of life
In order to live a happy 100-year-old life,
Our mission is to support business people who can make an effort day and night.